Anima Fugit

Important Changes

I’ve just come back from an emergency Crisis Team meeting with Max, and we’ve thrashed out a few things. Basically, the issue was that both my campaign and Max’s campaign were going to feature an apocalyptic device in the plot, and we were worried of treading on each other’s ground. In the spirit of non-disclosure, I’m not going to tell you what other similarities there were, but suffice to say that it was simply a case of differentiating our campaigns a bit more. We’re all DMs here, so we all know how hard it is to write something new and original, especially given our current penchant for modern settings.

So I’m officially pressing the rewind button on the timeline of this campaign, bringing it back to 2029, before any nuclear blasts. This will give me the chance to explore other angles on the cyberpunk genre, and will ease the tension I was already having (as you can see from my previous post) between presenting something dystopic and bleak, and presenting something more hopeful and character driven. Max has put a lot more thought into his treatment of an apocalyptic theme than I have, so he’ll be exploring that in his highly-anticipated campaign.

So what does this entail for the campaign? Firstly, I’ve rewritten the main entry on the homepage to reflect a less dystopian view of the future. We’re still very cyberpunk, but the sun does occasionally poke through the skies. I’ve excised the apocalyptic newsreel entry, as well. The talent trees and house rules will remain unchanged, and the feel of the campaign given by the pictures in the Aesthetic section should be largely unchanged.

Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome.



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