Anima Fugit

The Precociousness Of Hope

The Cyberpunk Campaign is now officially online. There’s a lot yet to be done, and a lot yet to be thought of, but the framework should be up. I am planning to run at least 2 adventures this reading week, and as such I’ve spent the past 6 hours putting together what I need and what you need to build your characters. All of you will have access to the Facebook group listing news entries for each year until 2021. I’ve added headlines-only news entries up until the year 2030, on this site. I want to eventually write up news entries for all of them, but if you indicate to me which ones are of most interest to you, I will either write an entry for that one, or explain in plain English what the new story implies.

Things you should be seeing right now:

5 new talent trees for the campaign

News entries for years 2009-2030

A pretty picture

Some home rules

Things you should be seeing in the near future:

A few NPC and organisation profiles

A map of the new world

More adventure log posts



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