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A growing list of cybernetic enhancements. Each character has a number of Bodily Integrity Points equal to his or her Constitution score. These act as ‘slots’ of sort, which you can fill with cybernetic enhancements. The more powerful the enhancement, the more BIP it will use up.

A character can take cybernetic enhancements which cause him to exceed his BIP. Whenever such a character makes a check or roll that involves considerable physical or mental exertion (such as a will save, a melee attack, or a Climb check), he must check the amount by which his BIP exceeds his maximum amount. If the player rolls this number or less on his check, he suffers a minor system shock, taking 1d6 points of damage and being dazed for 1 round.

Example: If you’ve got a Constitution of 15, you have 15 BIP. You then take cybernetic enhancements adding up to 17 BIP. This means that whenever you make a check that involves physical or mental exertion, and you get a 1 or a 2, you will suffer a minor system shock.

In addition, for every two points by which a player exceeds his BIP, his Charisma is reduced by 1.

Note that there will be certain effects in the game which will lower your bodily integrity temporarily.

Cybernetic Enhancements List


Eye Enhancement: A minor enhancement that sharpens vision and depth-perception. Provides a +1 bonus to all ranged attacks. BIP:2

Optimised Eye Enhancement: A major enhancement that involves implanting optimised artificial materials in the eyes to significantly improve accuracy. Provides a +2 bonus to all ranged attacks. Replaces Eye Enhancement. BIP:4

Optical Zoom Enhancement: A major enhancement that provides an advanced zooming function to the eyes. It allows for up to a x10 zoom, and otherwise provides a constant +2 to Search and Spot checks. BIP:4

Low-Light Eye Enhancement: A minor enhancement that enables clear night vision. All visibility penalties for darkness are removed. BIP:2

Infra-Red Eye Enhancement: A major enhancement that allows for at will infra-red spectrum vision. Removes all visibility penalties, but imposes a constant -2 penalty to Spot and Search checks for non-heat sources. BIP:3

Cerebral Hard Drive: A minor enhancement that implants a coin-sized hard drive into the brain. This allows for the storage of up to 1 TB of information, in almost any format. This implant includes a manual jack on the back of the neck for connection to the internet. BIP:2

Photographic Eyes: A minor enhancement that allows the eyes to take high resolution photographs of anything that can be seen. This implant is compatible with infra-red, night-vision, and zoom eye enhancements.BIP:2

Wireless Jack: A major enhancement that allows for wireless connection to the internet. This requires a Computer Use check, with DC dependent on the strength of signal in the area. BIP:4

Chemical Identification Enhancement: An oral enhancement that allows the holder to make Alchemy checks untrained and with a +10 bonus when identifying poisons. It also provides a +2 bonus to all saves taken against ingested poisons. BIP: 2

Auditory Enhancement: A minor enhancement to the various components of the ear that provides a +2 bonus to Listen checks. BIP:2

Optimised Auditory Enhancement: A major enhancements that involves reconstructing the ear and optimising the nerve connections between the ear and the brain. Provides a +4 bonus to Listen checks. Replaces Auditory Enhancement. BIP:3

Broad-Spectrum Auditory Enhancement: A major enhancement that allows the ear to pick up almost all frequencies of sound, including ultrasonic sounds and radio waves. BIP:3


Blood Enrichment: Enriches the blood with benign nanomachines and proteins that provide a +2 bonus to saving throws against disease and poison. Also provides 3 bonus hit points. BIP:3

Adrenal Control:Allows for sophisticated control over the adrenal glands. The holder can use 3 spurts of adrenaline per day. These provide a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, add 10 to base speed, and provide 10 temporary hit points. Each adrenal spurt lasts 10 rounds, after which the holder will be nauseated for 10 rounds, suffering a -2 to all checks. BIP:4

Adrenal Enhancement: Enhances the potency of the body’s adrenaline. Adrenal spurts used provide a +6 bonus to Strength and Constitution, add 20 to base speed, and grant 15 temporary hit points. However, after such an adrenaline burst, the holder will be severely sickened, suffering a -2 penalty on all checks until a full night’s rest. BIP:4

Blood Thickening: Partially coagulates the blood and optimises the circulatory system to deal with this. The holder gains a damage reduction of 1/- against all slashing or piercing attacks. BIP:4


Muscle Enhancement: Enhances muscular density and power. Provides a +2 bonus to Strength. BIP: 4

Regenerative Implant: Allows for extremely speedy cell regeneration. The holder gains regeneration 1 per minute. BIP:4

Toxin Glands: Implants a small self-sustaining gland that produces a relatively strong poison. There is enough each day to apply to 5 attacks. The poison causes a Fortitude save at DC 20, and causes 1d10 Constitution damage, half on a successful save. BIP: 3

Spinal Enhancement: Fortifies and adds flexibility to the spinal column. Provides a +2 bonus to Balance and Initiative checks. BIP: 2

Spinal Replacement: Entirely replaces the spine with a robotic structure that extrudes from the back. Provides a +2 bonus to Constitution, and increases the holder’s hit point total by 5. BIP:4


Hardened Hands: Artificially hardens the bones in the forearm and hands. Grants a +2 bonus to unarmed damage and a +2 bonus to AC against melee attacks. BIP:3

Manual Connector: Provides a highly advanced tactile connector on the fingertips that allows the holder to connect to any electronic device without the use of a cable. Provides a +2 bonus to Disable Device checks. BIP: 2

Arm Muscle Optimisation: Increases density of twitch muscle clusters in the arms, making the holder a formidable brawler. Provides a +2 bonus to unarmed attacks and Climb checks. BIP: 3

Intrusive Firearm Implant: Implants a small needlegun enhancement into the underside of the forearm. This needlegun is made of durable plastics and is extremely difficult to detect electronically, although it is visible to the naked eye. The gun deals 1d8 damage, and has a x3 critical damage. The first time the holder attacks with this weapon, he uses his opponent’s flat-footed AC. BIP:6

Malignant Nanomachine Extruder: Implants a robotic production centre for malignant nanomachines in the forearm of the holder. This allows the holder to make a touch attack against at -2 against any opponent that has an open wound or other receptive surface on his or her body. A successful attack extrudes millions of rapidly decaying nanomachines into the opponent’s bloodstream, causing seizures for 5 rounds. The victim of this attack takes 1d10 subdual damage each round and receives a -4 to all checks and rolls. Rolling a 10 on the subdual damage at any point in the seizure causes the instantaneous death of the victim due to massive system shock. Can only be used a number of times per day equal to the holder’s spare BIP points. BIP: 8


Speed Enhancement: Tautens and fortifies the muscles in the holder’s legs, providing a +10 to base speed. BIP:2

Optimised Speed Enhancement: Implants highly tensile artificial cabling to replace essential tendons in the legs, providing a +20 to base speed. Replaces Speed Enhancement. BIP:4

Springing Enhancement: Produces a multitude of twitch clusters in the legs, allowing for impressive feats of acrobatics. Provides a +4 bonus to Jump and Swim checks. BIP:2

High-Intensity Leg Optimisation: Implants a highly specialised adrenal conduit that is specifically designed for extremely high intensity, short-duration leaps. Provides a +40 bonus to Jump checks and removes the height restriction to jumping distance for 2 rounds. Can only be used a number of times per day equal to the holder’s spare BIP points. BIP:4

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Cybernetic Enhancements

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