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This is another experiment in gaming, so as always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

When I write or plan adventures, I always listen to some sort of soundtrack that helps me focus my thoughts and come up with evocative images or events. In a cyberpunk campaign this is particularly important, I feel, and to give you an additional insight into what my mindset for this campaign is, I’m going to put up a playlist of a few songs that I’ve listened to especially often in the writing process. If you think this is really corny and contrived, feel free to leave this page and never come back. Nonetheless, here goes:

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

Akira – Mutation, really fucking creepy.

Ghost In The Shell – Innocence

Ghost In The Shell SAC – Opening Theme

Cowboy Bebop – Don’t Bother None

Nirvana – Something In The Way

Paprika – Meditational Field

Orbital – Bladerunner

Olli’s suggestions

Alicia Keys & Jack White – Another way to die

Aphex Twin – Come to daddy

The Bad Plus – Smells like teen spirit

Bjork – Where is the line

Comanechi – Naked

Crystal Castles – Courtship dating

The Mad Capsule Markets – Tribe

The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez

Medeski, Martin and Wood – Uninvisible

Melt-banana – Shield for your eyes, a beast in the well

Mr. Spastic – spastic break fest

Robyn – Konichiwa bitches

She – Nebula Also, she release all their music for free on their website and I thoroughly recommend ‘Coloris’, the last album!

Test Icicles – Circle, Square, Triangle

Maybe I went a bit overboard lol sorry. Hit me up if you want any mp3s

What Max Will Insist We Listen To Before, Throughout And As A Meditative Coda To Each Of Jo’s Adventures

Track 1

Track 2

That is all.

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