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Larcenous Talent Tree:

There are certain traits that are always useful to all criminals, even in these strange times.The Larcenous character is not averse to dealing with computers and is very abreast of the way crime has changed with the new technology and the new politics of his age. However, his talents lie in the most essential skills any criminal (or law enforcement official) needs to know: When to lie, when to call a friend, and when to hit someone in the face when he isn’t paying attention.

Contacts: The Larcenous character begins with this talent for free, as well as Sly. The player writes down three names of contacts he or she has some sort of association with. Their roles need not be established, a name will suffice. When the character uses Call In A Favour, the player must explain which contact he is calling on and what his or her role is. Contacts may be taken as a feat as well, adding three more contacts to the player’s list.

Sly: The character demonstrates the basic attitudes of a criminal, whether it’s apparent or not. He or she can choose to gain a +2 bonus on any Charisma or Wisdom based check up to three times per day.

Call in a Favour: The character can call on one of his contacts to assist him in some way. The character makes a Charisma check at a DC determined by the DM based on the difficulty of the favour. This ability can be used a number of times equal to the number of contacts he has (note that the player may choose to call on any of the contacts any number of times, he or she need not call on each contact once). When the character gains a level, the allotted usages are replenished.

Prerequisite: Sly

Surprise Attack: The character has been exposed to far too many conversations that turn into fights, and knows to get the first hit in. At any point during a conversation, the character may make a Bluff check, opposed by the opponent’s Initiative roll. If successful, he gains a free attack against his flat-footed opponent, and deals an additional 1d6 damage. After the attack initiative is rolled as normal.

Prerequisite:Call In A Favour

Heist: The character is a spectacularly convincing liar, a master thief, or the scourge of bank accounts everywhere. He or she may automatically succeed any one Bluff, Computer Usage, Hide, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Innuendo, or Disguise check, no matter how improbable. This ability must be used before the roll is made, and only once per level.

Prerequisite: Surprise Attack, Call In A Favour

Melee Adept Talent Tree:

The Melee Adept knows that guns exist, and though this makes his job more difficult, he believes that guns are just as often crutches as they are assets. A determined individual who chooses the right circumstances will sometimes find a knife (or an ashtray) more useful than an assault rifle. The Melee Adept is a quick, opportunistic fighter who does what he can to make sure he’s face to face with his opponents before they can land a shot on him.

Sidestep: A number of times per encounter equal to his or her dexterity modifier, the character may make a 5-foot step during any opponent’s turn. Doing so also provides him a +2 bonus to AC.

Weapon of Choice:The character chooses one Small melee weapon as his or her weapon of choice. The character is able to use this weapon in conjunction with a one-handed firearm in melee combat. When attacking with the melee weapon, the character may elect to make an additional attack with the firearm, using it’s pistol whip damage. Should the attack be a critical hit, the firearm’s normal damage is used instead.

Prerequisite: Sidestep

Press The Attack: The character is able to make melee combat a very stressful experience for whoever is on the wrong side of him or her. Any opponent attempting to attack the character with a firearm immediately provokes an attack of opportunity. This can be used once per round.

Prerequisite: Weapon of Choice

Instant Kill: Whenever the player attacks a flat-footed opponent in melee combat and scores a hit, he may attempt an instant kill. This provokes an immediate grapple check. Should the player win, the opponent is killed outright. The player may choose to make his check with a -4 penalty to attempt a silent kill.

Prerequisite: Press The Attack

Deadeye Talent Tree: Samuel Colt called his guns ‘peacemakers’ because they were the great equaliser. To this, the Deadeye smugly asserts that some are more equal than others. Trained to fire in stressful situations, the Deadeye can pull off impossible shots as well as prestidigitate with his gun.

Focus: The character can concentrate completely on firing his next shot. The character becomes flat-footed for 1 round, but gains a +2 bonus on his next ranged attack. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to the character’s Will Save modifier.

Make The Shot: The character is adept at shooting into a crowded melee. The character ignores any cover saves his target may have, and does not run the risk of hitting an ally. This ability may only be used when the character is within 30 feet of the target, a number of times per day equal to the character’s Will save modifier.

Prerequisite: Focus

Hair Trigger: The character can draw his ranged weapon as a free action, and reload his weapon as a free action.

Prerequisite: Make The Shot

JFK Special: The character can make one, truly spectacular shot. The character must spend at least 1 minute (10 rounds) preparing for the shot, or else make a Concentration check at DC 25 to forego the preparation. The shot gains a +6 bonus to hit, causes double damage, and if there is another opponent directly behind the target, makes an additional attack against him (no bonus to hit, normal damage). In addition, if the opponents are unaware of the character making the shot, they automatically fail any checks they make to discern where the shot came from.

Prerequisite: Hair Trigger

Cybernik Talent Tree: The Cybernik has dedicated his life to mastering the intricacies of the technology that now encroaches and hangs heavy over all aspects of life in the modern world. Rapaciously seeking out newer and better wetware implants, Cyberniks see themselves as the vanguard of a new and better humanity.

Plug In: If the character can spend 5 rounds to acclimatise himself, he can enter a trance that provides a +4 bonus on all skill checks relating to any electronic appliance. This can be done for checks that don’t allow the character to take 10 or 20, but can also be used to raise the result of a take 10 or 20 check.

Magnetic Hands: The character gains a particular cybernetic implant that enables him to disable any electronic appliance he can touch. The character makes an Intelligence check, with the DC determined by the DM. If successful, the item or appliance malfunctions for a number of rounds equal to the character’s class level.

Prerequisite: Plug In

Personal Modifications: The character can modify a number of electronic items equal to his Intelligence modifier to perform better for him. The process takes a day for each item. Thereafter, any checks, rolls or attacks made with these items are at +2. The character’s allotted usages of this ability are replenished at the start of every level.

Prerequisite: Magnetic Hands

Promethean Inventor: The character creates an electronic familiar of sorts. Possessed of a relatively complex AI, the familiar may be any Tiny or Small appliance the player chooses. The familiar is wired into the internet whenever possible, and can communicate with the player when they are connected by cable, or wirelessly if the character has the appropriate wetware.

Prerequisite: Personal Modifications

Magus Talent Tree: The Magus’s birth and/or upbringing is unknown to him. Delivered to parents with no knowledge of his heritage, he was raised without any idea of what happened to him as an infant. At a certain age, and in response to seemingly meaningless stimuli, the Magus finds that he can perform feats far beyond what a normal human being can do, beyond even the scope of conventional wetware. The Magus is always in some way stilted, either too cold and laconic or aggressively cheerful even when it doesn’t make sense.

Unnatural Gait: The character has seemingly supernatural agility and acrobatic prowess, gaining a +2 bonus on Jump, Climb and Balance checks.

Switch Off: A number of times per day equal to his or her Charisma modifier, the character can send out a pulse that disactivates all electronic devices in a 20 foot burst and damages everyone in the area, dealing 1d6 damage for each cybernetic implant they possess. The character takes 1d10 damage in the process, and is dazed for 2 rounds.

Prerequisite: Unnatural Gait

Latent Power: Some long-dormant cybernetic implant suddenly switches on. The character gains +2 to any ability score he or she chooses, or gains a permanent +4 bonus to any skill.

Prerequisite: Switch Off

Apotheosis: The character becomes immune to all electrical damage.

Prerequisite: Latent Power

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